In case anyone has an extra $39,999 laying around and wants to buy this for me…

This piece of art in the form of a guitar is the “Teye Master-KnightsTemplar”. This handbuilt and engraved guitar is built by the luthier Teye.

Teye’s top of the line Master instruments are lauded by the demanding few of the entertainment world (Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes; Cliff Williams of AC/DC; Mick Taylor of the Stones; et al) as well as the Art community since they combine a stunning presence with some of the greatest Tones to ever come from an electric guitar.

Teye painstakingly compiles exotic inlays and hand-engraves aluminum parts until he has created another Masterpiece. Then he fine-tunes each guitars electronic circuit and adjusts the playability to perfection.


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